ADAA Conference Washington DC 2018

Kimberly Morrow

Do you have something in your professional year that you look forward to?  An event or training that you know will lift your spirits and re-energize you for your work as a CBT therapist?  The annual ADAA conference is that place for us.  This year we were in DC.  1,700 researchers and clinicians gathered for four intense days of networking and going to workshops – with just a little time off to go see the cherry blossoms in full bloom!

Highlights for us:

  1. Visiting with the six clinicians who had trained with us either online or in person. It was so fun to hear them connecting what they were hearing at the conference with what they had learned from us about CBT for anxiety.
  2. Kimberly lead the Alies Muskin Careeer Development Leadership Program – if you are within 5 years of getting your degree, consider applying next year since if you are accepted the conference is free!
  3. We each were part of panel presentations – Kimberly on becoming a published author, and Elizabeth on Anxiety Rounds and Anxiety Rounds – Kids and Adolescents.
  4. A lecture on treatment resistant depression and new, successful treatments using TMS (magnetic stimulation of the brain), ketamine and VNS (implanted vagal nerve stimulation).  It’s always good to know new treatments are being developed for clients who have had appropriate treatment and are still not well.
  5. A workshop about treating kids who have sensory processing problems as well as anxiety – the take away is a need to go  extra slow with treatment.

Next year ADAA is in Chicago. We will be there – join us if you can!




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