We Reached The One-Year Anniversary Of Our Anxiety Training Community!

While these details have also been sent to your inbox, we wanted you to be part of our celebration! We are offering a special discount in the month of June (and don’t worry, if you haven’t yet completed the pre-requisite to joining our community, our 12-hour course, we’ve got that covered, too!).

Use Coupon Code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to get 50% off of any of our 1-hour trainings, our 12-hour foundational course, CBT for Anxiety and OCD, or monthly or annual subscription to our membership Community.

Are you already a member looking to upgrade you plan? Wonderful!

Follow these instructions to switch your existing plan:

There are two parts to updating your current plan. 

1. You must cancel your current plan under Your Account > Billing.

2. You must then navigate to the Anxiety Training Community Membership sales page, choose the new plan, and purchase it again at the new level/rate. If you have a coupon code, you will enter it at this time also to receive any discount.

This completes the process of updating your plan.