Anticipatory anxiety can be a formidable challenge, but as compassionate professionals, we have the power to provide valuable support and guidance. Join us as we explore practical strategies, insightful tips, and empathetic approaches to assist your clients in navigating the uncertainties that trigger anticipatory anxiety. Get quick access to quality training that you can use immediately with Anxiety Training. Want to learn more about Anxiety Training? Learn more about our foundation training here.

Video Takeaways & Timestamps

  • Client resistance to therapy steps. 0:09
    • Clients may resist taking the next steps in treatment due to anticipatory anxiety, which increases as the task becomes closer.
  • Anxiety treatment and facing fears. 1:41
    • Kimberly Morrow and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer discuss the importance of facing anxiety-inducing situations head-on, despite feeling unready or anxious.
    • They emphasize the need to reframe the relationship with anxiety, recognizing that it will always be present but learning to do the opposite of what it suggests.