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Discover why our training is focused on using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) - one of the gold standard of evidence-based treatment for anxiety and OCD.

How Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Works

Exposure Response Prevention is one of the gold-standard treatments for anxiety and OCD methods because it supports the practice of confronting situations and objects that trigger obsessions and anxieties. Over time, it allows clients to learn how they can prevent themselves from doing any compulsive behaviors after these thoughts or situations are 'activated'. CBT with ERP works to change the brain so that clients no longer have the same experience with anxiety and OCD that they did prior to treatment.

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is a proven method that guides people to shift their reaction to fear. It involves intentionally exposing oneself to what sparks those frightening feelings and learning to cope with the situation in a new way. ERP instructs the individual to lean into their fear while dropping safety behaviors, avoidance, and reassurance seeking to develop a new relationship with their fear and to demonstrate to themselves that they can handle difficult feelings and uncertainty while engaging in valued behaviors. This technique challenges one to embrace the discomfort of not knowing what will happen and enhances their resilience, courage, and overall lifestyle.

What People Are Saying
About Our Training Approach

"I wanted to say how grateful I am that I took this course, because I seem to be getting significant anxiety cases coming out of the woodwork of late, and I feel incredibly equipped and able to utilize techniques readily."


"I have lived with anxiety for years and worked very hard to manage it. I am passionate about helping people manage theirs as well so thank you for the wonderful presentation! I am grateful my colleague forwarded the registration information to me!"


"I found the "Anxiety" workshop to be extremely informative in dealing with anxiety issues. I was able to take the concepts and apply them to the clients I am working with. Actually, I feel I would be floundering treating anxiety if it was not for the information I gained in this training workshop."



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