In this video, we explore the delicate balance of timing and sensitivity when incorporating breathing techniques into the therapeutic process for clients dealing with anxiety or OCD. Want to learn more about Anxiety Training? Learn more about our foundation training here.

Video Takeaways & Timestamps

  • Breathing techniques for anxiety management. 0:08
    • Kimberly Morrow explains the importance of breathing techniques for managing anxiety.
  • Breathwork techniques for anxiety relief. 1:48
    • Kimberly Morrow and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer demonstrate breathing techniques for relaxation and anxiety relief.
  • Anxiety treatment and breathing exercises. 3:33
    • Kimberly Morrow and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer discuss the importance of teaching clients to tolerate anxiety and uncomfortable feelings, rather than relying on breathing exercises to avoid them.
    • They explain that breathing exercises can actually hinder long-term progress by making clients too comfortable with avoiding their anxiety, rather than learning to handle it.
  • Teaching clients to tolerate anxiety through mindfulness and breathing. 6:09
    • Elizabeth DuPont Spencer and Kimberly Morrow discuss the importance of teaching clients to tolerate difficult feelings of anxiety, rather than just dealing with specific symptoms.
    • They emphasize the need for consistent practice and space creation to help clients develop this skill, rather than relying on it only in response to heightened anxiety.