foundational COURSE: 12 CE HOURS

CBT for Anxiety and OCD

Discover everything You Need To Know To Provide Successful Treatment and create life changing results for your clients who struggle with anxiety and oCD.

"...The most informative training I've received this far." ~ Dr. Zyer Beaty, PhD, LPC

Help Your Clients Break the Debilitating Cycle of Anxiety & OCD Behaviors that Hold Them Back

Imagine a scenario where you are sitting in your office, looking at your client who is consumed by anxiety and OCD, with their world seemingly spiraling out of control. You've tried everything from medication to traditional therapy methods, but nothing seems to work. It's times like these when you wish you had more knowledge and skills to help your client, to provide them with the tools they need to break free from the grip of anxiety and OCD.

That's where using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Exposure-Response Prevention (ERP) comes in. This on-demand, online course is specifically designed for mental health providers seeking an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will provide confidence and support successful outcomes that changes lives.

This training is ideal for
  • Clinicians
  • Therapists
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
course overview

What Is Inside Our CBT For Anxiety And OCD Course

CBT for Anxiety & OCD is an on-demand, online course that trains therapists in evidence-based practices that deliver life-changing results using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). 

It's delivered in a blend of video lectures and handouts and includes suggested exercises you can do along with the training to increase your hands-on learning experience. This training supports all types of learners. Available 24/7, you can pace yourself as you see fit to take in the material and complete training on your own schedule.

Learn from interviews with anxiety experts, role-played demonstrations of treatment strategies, and testimonials from clients whose lives were changed by CBT with ERP.

Immediately apply your knowledge and skills to create instant, life-changing results.

This course satisfies the educational requirements to become a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP). It is worth 12 CEs.

Accredited CE Hours for CCATP

Earn 12 continuing education hours while becoming an expert in treating anxiety and OCD. All CEs satisfy the educational requirement to be a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.

Expert Interviews

Learn from national and international anxiety experts and researchers. They share case studies, client examples, and practical tools to implement CBT with ERP with confidence.

Comprehensive Material

With real-life case studies, interactive exercises, and helpful resources to reinforce your learning and improve your clinical skills, the research-rich material is designed to give you everything you need to successfully help your clients manage and overcome their anxiety and OCD symptoms.

Full Access for One Year

You'll enjoy access to the course for an entire year, so you can repeat lessons and review treatment protocols and ideas for immediate implementation with clients.

Case Studies Role Plays

Kimberly & Elizabeth share real examples from their own practices and bring their clients to your learning modules. Listen to clients as they share how CBT and ERP changed their lives. Also learn how to implement what you learn from role-played demonstrations of CBT and ERP.

Immediately tackle your most challenging cases with individualized, expert guidance.

Master the skills to expertly treat anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). One of the gold standard of evidence-based treatment for anxiety and OCD.

what makes this training different?

a focus on discovery through assessment and diagnosis

Understand and know how to assess and diagnose anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, PANS/PANDAS, and panic disorder.


You will learn how to educate and socialize anxious clients to the CBT session structure to achieve positive clinical outcomes.

  • Develop the science-backed strategies to apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with exposure and response prevention (ERP).
  • Implement Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) techniques to increase your client’s success and to identify when it is clinically appropriate to use extreme exposure interventions with clients.
  • Explain the purpose of utilizing paradoxical exposures when treating social anxiety.
  • Demonstrate the use of interoceptive therapy for treating panic in clients.
  • Formulate interventions for challenging automatic negative thoughts in clients who have been diagnosed with anxiety.
  • Apply knowledge about Generalized Anxiety Disorder to learn how to prevent fears about the future from interfering with the quality of life.
  • Implement Exposure and Response Prevention techniques to reduce symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
  • Maximize the long-lasting nature of successful CBT with ERP by creating treatment termination and formulate treatment termination and relapse prevention plans with clients.

a focus on treatment of children and familes

Utilize play-based exposure interventions for the treatment of anxiety in children. You'll become confident in empowering family members to be anxiety coaches.

Continuing Education & Approved Accrediting Agencies

Anxiety Training, ACE Provider Number 1637, is approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) Program. Anxiety Training maintains responsibility for the program. ASWB Approval Period: (10/17/22 – 10/17/25). Social workers should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval for continuing education credits. Social workers participating in this course will receive 12 continuing education clock hours.
New York State Education Department’s State Board of Social Work
Anxiety Training is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0640.

Anxiety Training has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7108. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Anxiety Training is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.


Enroll today and you will enjoy immediate access to TWO BONUS TRAININGS AND KIMBERLY’S E-BOOK.

BONUS Training #1

The Role of Medicine for Anxiety in Adults

Learn which medications may enhance or hinder treatment from Dr. Caroline DuPont, a board certified psychiatrist who specializes in treating adults with anxiety disorders.
Discover the key benefits of and differences between SSRIs, SNRIs, and benzodiazepines.

BONUS Training #2

Psychoeducation: How to Explain the Anxious Brain to a Client

Clients are more successful when they understand the science behind the evidence-based practices of CBT. This free-standing video can be shared immediately with your clients as you teach them about their anxious brains.

BONUS #3: eBook:

Face It and Feel It: 10 Simple (But Not Easy) Ways to Live Well with Anxiety

In this book, national anxiety expert Kimberly Morrow offers ten simple tools for facing, feeling, and conquering anxiety. It is a perfect complement to your work with clients.

What People Say About Anxiety Training

Susan M.

/ ontario, canada 

"I am in the middle of your online training and just want to start off by saying how much I am enjoying it. I am learning so many ways to help my clients work through and overcome their disorders as well as learning new ways to address my own anxiety. Thank you and Elizabeth so much for your willingness to be vulnerable and creating a training that feels doable and possible to integrate into my work setting. Your openness about your own experience with social anxiety is helping me accept that I have dealt with that myself, continue to and that it is okay."

Anissa Sanborn Malague

/ Course Participant

"It is with rave reviews that I will forward the information regarding your teleconsulting business to my colleagues. What a much-needed service."

Erin P.

/ CEO 

I have lived with anxiety for years and worked very hard to manage it. I am passionate about helping people manage theirs as well so thank you for the wonderful presentation! I am grateful my colleague forwarded the registration information to me!



"Thank you, this was one of the most informative trainings I've ever taken and I use the skills with most of my clients, well actually all of them. It’s amazing!"

Dr. zyer beaty, phD, lpc


"I want to just say how much I thoroughly enjoyed your training for Anxiety and OCD. That was the most informative training that I've attended this far. Thank you both so much for sharing your expertise with us and being so forthcoming with information, examples, and resources."

CBT for Anxiety & OCD

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: CBT For Anxiety & OCD
  • Module 2: Assessment & Treatment Planning
  • Module 3: Anxiety & The Brain
  • Module 4: Exposure & Response Prevention
  • Module 5: Cognitive Therapy
  • Module 6: Leaning into Exposures
  • Module 7: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Module 8: Panic Disorder
  • Module 9: Social Anxiety
  • Module 10: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Module 11: Kids with Anxiety and Playing with Fear
  • Module 12: Cultural Competency & Relapse Prevention


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Meet Anxiety Training Founders & Trainers

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW helps people live well with anxiety using compassionate, evidenced-based treatment. She has been in private practice in Erie, PA for almost 30 years. Kimberly earned the Clinician Outreach Award and the Member of Distinction Award from Anxiety and Depression Association of American (ADAA).

Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C

Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical social worker, board approved supervisor, and trainer. She has been in private practice in Rockville, Maryland for almost 30 years. Elizabeth graduated from Columbia University and received her clinical training at the National Institutes of Health

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Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Register for this intensive training at no risk.

If you are not completely satisfied contact us. However, we are confident this course will beyond deliver on its promises and help you to create meaningful change in your clients’ lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start to see results in my clients?

As soon as you begin to implement the tools and strategies of CBT.

Once your clients understand their brains and how to change its mindset, they can quickly use the skills to take back their lives from worry and fear.

How do I use this training?

You will gain instant access to your course and your FREE bonuses as soon as you enroll.

This course begins with a pre-course assessment. Then, view the course content and take quizzes to monitor your growth into a confident clinician. Once you complete the entire training, you will take a post-course assessment to have an objective measurement of your learning.

To receive continuing education credit, you must complete the course, answer the post-course assessment questions correctly, and complete the course evaluation. You may review course content and retake the post-course assessment.

Once you complete the course requirements, a CE certificate for 12 CE hours will be immediately available to you.

What is the enrollment fee?

The cost of CBT for Anxiety and OCD is $299.

This enrollment fee includes over 12 hours of content, including 29 instructional videos to support your growth, 14 quizzes to assess your growing knowledge and skills, and over 50+ downloadable handouts to make implementation easy.

And, we have included FREE bonuses to help ensure your success, including Kimberly Morrow’s book, Face It and Feel It: 10 Simple (But Not Easy) Ways to Live Well with Anxiety. This book is an essential psychoeducation resource for you and your clients with anxiety and OCD.

Is the Anxiety Training Community included in the enrollment fee?

The Anxiety Training Community is a paid membership exclusively available to mental health providers who complete the course, CBT for Anxiety and OCD.

Upon completing the course, you’ll get an invitation to join this community by joining as a monthly, yearly, or lifetime paid subscriber.

Inside, the Anxiety Training Community, you will enjoy three times monthly live case consultations, on-going continuing education, 24/7 access to a supportive community forum of mental health providers, and much more.

Does this course satisfy the education requirements for CCATP?

Yes. CBT for Anxiety & OCD satisfies the education requirements on your path to becoming a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.

After completing this course, you will also need to contact CCATP, complete the application, and pay relevant fees.

Remember to use our discount!

What accommodations does Anxiety Training make?

Anxiety Training commits to accessibility for all learners. Contact to request accommodations. In some cases, documentation will be requested for review.

How do I earn the 12 CEs for this course?

To receive the 12 CE credits, you must complete the classes, answer the completion questions correctly, and complete the course evaluations. If you do not answer the questions correctly, review the materials and re-take the tests.

A CE certificate will be immediately emailed to you once you have completed the requirements for each class.

You will earn 12 CEs upon completing the course and its requirements. You must complete each part of the training and click on each handout in order to obtain your CE certificate.

How long do I have access to the course?

Complete this twelve-hour class the day you purchase it, or as it fits into your life. You will have one year of access to the content so you can decide when you complete it. However, we do recommend completing it as soon as you can, so you can start creating life-changing results for your clients. You can also go back to review content throughout the year, when you have a client with a specific anxiety disorder diagnosis.

Where do I start?

Click on any “Enroll” button on this page.

Next, create an account and finalize your enrollment using the security and ease of PayPal.

Then, check your inbox for instant access to your comprehensive course plus the FREE bonuses – all designed to support your growth into a confident, successful clinician.

View the course materials, anytime, anywhere from your personalized training dashboard. You have unlimited access to all course content and materials.