“What if talking about my case reveals that I am a bad therapist?”

I can relate to that worry! Most therapists at some time in their career feel fears like this. We chose our careers to help people, so anxiety can torment us that we are not succeeding. Fear can be a huge barrier to accessing case consultation. Even though you know that case consultation would be a great way to learn or improve the CBT skills you know will make clients seek you out, you still are avoiding taking the next step. Our anxiety leads us to avoid signing up for case consultation. Sound familiar?

Anyone who has taken our courses or read our website knows that Kimberly and I are passionate about training clinicians in evidence based treatments for anxiety and OCD – and also how passionate we are about using the lessons of anxiety treatment in our lives. We want to share that strength with you, too.

Anxiety is normal and helpful when it keeps us safe from actual danger, but too often causes us to limit our ability to take reasonable risks that can lead to personal growth. Anxiety wants us to stick to the known path, to avoid new situations. I see the limitations anxiety tries to impose in myself, in my clients, and in the clinicians I work with on case consultation.

What is your worst fear about case consultation? Can you relate to the fear of being a bad therapist? I think about the first case consultation I had with Mary, who was making a mid-career change from child protective services to having a private practice. Learning CBT for anxiety and OCD was new for her, and she was very worried about how I would respond to her work with her client in our first session. Six case consultations later, Mary said, “Looking back, I can’t believe I had the courage to sign up for that first session. I am proud of myself for having done that! I have learned so much from these conversations that I could not have learned on my own. After that scary first conversation I really looked forward to talking to you. These case consultations help me realize that my my dream of having a successful private practice can come true.”

Take the first, courageous step and sign up for one session. It’s only $50, only one session. Start on the road to strength. Join us.

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