Have You Felt Challenged With an Anxious Client?

Kimberly Morrow

How often have you felt challenged with an anxious client? Many of the therapists we train struggle to help their clients practice skills that are uncomfortable. Some wonder how to create an exposure that is actually connected to the client’s core fear. Others aren’t sure how to discern if their client’s fear of committing suicide needs a safety plan or an exposure strategy because it can be a typical fear with OCD.

We have struggled with these same questions over the years.  We were also lucky enough to have had access to some wonderful mentors that taught us the best ways to provide evidenced based treatment for our clients suffering from anxiety and OCD. The training we received along with phone consultations with experts in the field helped our clients see real improvements and helped our practices grow exponentially.

Every week we see new clients whose lives are severely affected by the suffering anxiety and OCD cause: They may not be working or going to school; constant need for reassurance is taxing their relationships; and the joy of living has been taken away from them. As we educate them about anxiety and their brain, begin to practice facing their fears and help them change the way they think about suffering, we get to see their true self emerge. At this point in therapy, I often say “Well hello, Tom (insert client name), it is so great to finally meet you!” which makes us both smile. Knowing they are on their way to getting their life back is one of the best rewards!

We have created CBT for Anxiety and OCD: Everything You Need to Know to Provide Successful Treatment to provide you with the most up-to-date information about treating these disorders in an inexpensive and easily accessible format that includes CE’s. We address how to:

  • structure a session
  • explain the anxious brain to your client
  • develop a fear hierarchy
  • practice exposures
  • change the way your clients think about suffering
  • apply your new skills to the different anxiety disorders including social anxiety, panic, generalized anxiety, OCD, and children.

This training is also packed with resources, how-to videos, and interviews with experts!

Don’t struggle with an anxious client, click here to access this course now.


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