Follow up from #OCDcon

Elizabeth Spencer

There were so many resources for OCD available at the IOCDF conference last week in Chicago! This picture give you a little taste of the people and companies working to help people with OCD. Two in particular grabbed my attention, and I I want to let you know about them as resources for your clients: PickingMe and nOCD.

Lauren Mckeaney is a Dermatillomania (SPD) Awareness Advocate. She founded Picking Me, and named it to take back the word “pick” from the negative connotations for people with BFRB’s (Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors) and turn it a positive choice for self support. At her booth, she sold me a bag of “fiddles,” including pipe cleaners, nail files and toys. I have never used such a large selection with a client! Lauren is full of enthusiasm and works tirelessly on advocacy.

Find out more about Lauren and her work:

Picking Me: Bringing Awareness to Dermatillomania

Next I had an opportunity to talk to the young men behind the new app,

This app opens with a breath-taking number: 70,000,000 people in the world have OCD. As we all know, good treatment is hard to find, and the app offers people a way to do ERP on their own or in collaboration with a therapist. Stephen, one of the founders, is a rising college senior – he has accomplished a lot in his life, despite OCD, and his success story is one our clients will appreciate. Here is a recent inspirational story about Stephen and his work breaking the stigma of OCD.

This post is sponsored by Stephen’s App: nOCD.  Dowload this mobile tool for free.

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