Free Help For Your Clients With OCD

Kimberly Morrow

Do you struggle with having enough time to help all of the people who suffer from OCD? As we have discussed in previous blogs, there are not enough therapists trained to use CBT with Exposure and Response Prevention. is trying to change that by providing webinars for therapists to learn evidenced based treatment for anxiety and OCD, providing skills videos for therapists to quickly have access to a skill they want to know more about, and interviews with Experts who share their passion for helping others with anxiety and OCD by discussing an important treatment topic in short videos. While we are gathering this information to give to you, we have been blogging to help spread the word and provide some information to therapists about evidenced based treatment for OCD.

We are honored to report that we have received an award recognizing our blog as one of the top 50 blogs about OCD. This list of blogs is a great resource to share with your clients as they are waiting for treatment or are in the process of practicing their ERP skills. We are #32! Spread the word by sharing this link:

We are also partnering with nOCD, a self treatment app that allows people with OCD to personalize their treatment, while they are on the go. nOCD is a Smartphone app created by people with OCD for people with OCD. Share this link with people who you know who have OCD and may benefit from the support of this self treatment. app.

Are you interested in having a full practice, successfully treating people with OCD and anxiety? To learn more about exposure and response prevention as well as having a successful private practice, go to our website at

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