Ready to kickstart your social work career? Join us in a dynamic conversation with Breanna Morrow, LCSW, as we dive into her inspiring journey and insights as the 2023 CDLP Winner at the ADAA. Want to learn more about Anxiety Training? Learn more about our foundation training here.

Video Takeaways & Timestamps

  • The ADA conference and CLP program for graduate students. 0:11
    • CLP winner Brianna Morrow shares her experience with the ATA’s leadership program for grad students and early career professionals.
  • Career growth and opportunities in mental health. 1:35
    • Brianna Morrow shares how her career takes off after learning CBT and ERP with mentorship and membership program support.
  • Starting a business and overcoming anxiety. 3:18
    • Elizabeth DuPont Spencer interviews Brianna Morrow about her career growth and new business venture, “We Are Courageous Kids.”