Maintaining Calm in the Middle of Global Crisis

Elizabeth Spencer

This is a difficult time for everyone.  Things are changing so fast, and it’s hard to know at any given time what are helpful or anxious worries. Take care of yourself and remember that modeling self-care is a powerful way to help your children right now.  Here are some other tips for preventing and managing anxiety about COVID-19 in your home:

1) Follow the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines and do not try to improve upon what they recommend.

2) Use the “keep calm and carry on” approach to living, working and attending school. Show your kids your ability to handle this new situation and your belief in their ability to handle it as well.

3) Avoid constant newsfeeds about COVID-19 updates and rely upon the Center for Disease Control and your local county health department.

4) Make sure that young children are not over-consuming the news or pandemic/apocalyptic TV shows and movies when they are 12 and younger.  Enjoy time with your kids — this post has lots of good suggestions.

5) Seek the help of a therapist if you find yourself or your child unable to do normal activities because of your fear of COVID-19.

6) Be brave together!


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