6-hour foundational training

Mastering Anxiety

Cultivating Skills for Resilience and Recovery

Become a Certified Anxiety-Informed Professional

Unlock the power to combat anxiety both for yourself and others with our comprehensive six-hour training course, designed to transform anyone into an anxiety-informed helper—be it in human resources, education, healthcare, faith communities, or even for personal growth.

*Note: This training does not qualify for ASWB credits, NY State Social Worker Credits or NBCC credits.
A certificate of completion will be issued but no continuing education credits are included.

Overcome Anxiety & Embrace Well-being with Confidence

In a world where uncertainty looms around every corner, our Mastering Anxiety course guides you through the fog of fear towards a path of empowerment and clarity. 

This six-hour course isn't just an educational journey—it's a transformative experience that arms you with deep understanding and practical skills to maneuver through the complexities of anxiety and OCD. Designed for both professionals seeking to support others and individuals aiming to reclaim their lives from anxiety’s grip, this course promises to illuminate and inspire.

Whether you are on the frontline as a Human Resources professional, a dedicated caregiver, an educational guide, a spiritual healer, or seeking tools for your own well-being, this training is your beacon. Lead by seasoned experts, you'll delve into the heart of anxiety and come out equipped with practical handouts, actionable resources, and the confidence to face anxiety head-on.

Join us and learn how to break free from the boundaries of anxiety and awaken to a life of resilience and recovery. Discover not only how to survive but how to thrive with newfound strength.

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Who Is This For?

mastering anxiety

Whether you're a Human Resources officer, a physical therapist, a coach, a spiritual leader, or someone facing anxiety yourself, this course offers you a robust toolkit for understanding and managing anxiety effectively.

It is particularly suited for:

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Physical Therapists
  • Teachers and Coaches
  • Assisted Living Facility Staff
  • Spiritual Leaders (Pastors, Rabbis, Imams)
  • Individuals Experiencing Anxiety

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Dare to take the first step into a life defined not by fear but by the courage of your convictions and an enduring sense of peace. Mastering Anxiety isn't just a courseit's a step towards a life defined not by anxiety, but by confidence and capability. Join us on this journey and rediscover your power over anxiety.

Empowerment Through Education

Anxiety can feel like an insurmountable hurdle, but understanding its roots and mechanisms demystifies the experience and puts you back in control. This course offers deep insights into the nature of anxiety and OCD, revealing how these conditions manifest and what can be done to address them effectively.

Practical Skill Set

Go beyond theory with actionable strategies that can be applied immediately. Whether you're seeking to support others or to manage your own anxiety, the course equips you with symptom-specific skills for handling worry, panic, OCD, and social anxiety.

Accessibility For All

Anxiety doesn't discriminate, and neither should knowledge. This course serves a wide audience — from professionals in various fields to individuals seeking personal growth. It's an inclusive program intended for anyone interested in understanding and managing anxiety.

Transformational Outcomes

The strategies and knowledge gained from this course can lead to meaningful changes. Learn to walk toward what scares you, reframe anxious thoughts, and build a foundation for long-term wellness. These lessons aren't just about coping — they're about thriving.

Journey To Personal Discovery

This self-driven course acts as a guide for you to explore your own personal journey of recovery and insight. It allows you the opportunity to explore solutions, reflect on learning, and grow at your own pace. Gain fresh perspectives and strategies, forging your own path to resilience and empowerment.

Affordable Investment

Offering exceptional value, this course represents an affordable investment in your professional growth and personal health, delivering invaluable insights for a fraction of the typical cost associated with such transformative educational experiences.

mastering anxiety

Course Curriculum

  • Part 1 - The Nature of Anxiety: Delve into anxiety's impact and its connection to OCD, understanding the difference between helpful and harmful anxiety.
  • Part 2 - Understanding Anxiety: Embrace psycho-education and tracking methods to demystify the anxious brain.
  • Part 3 - Embracing Challenges: Discover strategies to confront and reduce avoidance behaviors, bolstering willpower and efficacy.
  • Part 4 - Thought Reframing: Learn to break the anxiety cycle by addressing cognitive distortions and nurturing acceptance.
  • Part 5 - Symptom-Specific Skills: Equip yourself with tailored approaches for managing worry, panic, OCD, and social anxiety.
  • Part 6 - Sustained Wellness: Create a long-term strategy for resilience, identifying when to seek additional support.

Course Features:

  • Six One-Hour Instructional Videos: Engage with easy-to-follow video modules led by experts.
  • Practical Handouts and Resources: Enhance your learning with materials designed for real-world application.
  • Exclusive Online Access: Stream the content on our website, available 24/7/365, at your convenience, anytime.

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