Anxiety Training for Schools: The Teacher & Staff Training

Empower Your Teachers and Staff to Help Your Students Achieve Despite Distress & Uncertainty

Effective, Evidence-Based Anxiety Tools for Schools & Teachers

One in three youth experience anxiety symptoms that impede learning and achievement. Stunted by fear, distress, and uncertainty, these students often fall behind their peers socially and academically. Their anxious minds also put them at higher risk for low self-esteem and substance abuse.

This one-hour training offers surprisingly powerful tools empirically proven to help your students live well with anxiety.

Use the accompanying discussion guide to open important conversations about anxiety in your classrooms. Discuss how to apply these tools. Write more effective IEPS for anxious students.

Give Your school personnel the tools to help your anxious students overcome distress, fear, and anxiety.

In Anxiety Training for Schools: The Teacher and Staff Training, your personnel will learn to:

In-depth understanding of anxiety and tools to confidently and effectively help your students handle it—and achieve despite it.

Once you purchase this bundle, you can download each video to share it with your target audience, in the format and timeframe that works for you.

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Anxiety Training for Schools: The Complete Bundle

Anxiety Training for School: The Complete Bundle is a virtual training series for school communities. It helps students take back their lives from anxiety, face their fears, and live a life they value.

It provides an actionable, evidence-based approach for parents, teachers, and staff to coach students.


Learn from a Leading Anxiety Expert and a Student Who Struggled With Anxiety

This class highlights a conversation between Kimberly and a student whose life was transformed by the evidence-based tools taught in this class. Learn from his powerful story. Be inspired to make the same difference in your school and classroom.

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW helps people live well with anxiety using compassionate, evidenced-based treatment. She has been in private practice in Erie, PA for almost 30 years. Kimberly earned the Clinician Outreach Award and the Member of Distinction Award from Anxiety and Depression Association of American (ADAA). She is a graduate of the International Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation’s Behavior Therapy Institute. She has served on the board for OCD Pennsylvania. She authored Face It and Feel It: 10 Simple (But Not Easy) Ways to Live Well with Anxiety and co-authored CBT for Anxiety: A Step-By-Step Training Manual for the Treatment of Fear, Panic, Worry and OCD.


Purchase Anxiety Training for Schools: The Teacher & Staff Training and receive Anxiety About the Pandemic included with your training!

Learn how to apply the practical tools in the first training to the anxiety and uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic—for yourself and your personnel.

In this BONUS training, Anxiety Training co-founder, Elizabeth DuPont Spencer shares practical advice on moving through the pandemic with resilience

Must-Have, Worksheets & Handouts on to support your work and your clients' progress.

Classroom Accommodations for Anxious Students:

Use this worksheet to design and implement appropriate classroom accommodations that build student resilience to anxiety and distress.

Resource List:

A curated list of valuable resources to help your faculty and staff continue to learn about anxiety. It includes a list of recommended readings for children and teens that can be used in the classroom.

Tips for Teachers:

Seven surprisingly effective tips and reminders for teachers to coach students through anxiety and change their relationship to fear.

Questions to Facilitate Group Discussion:

Use this guide to facilitate insightful conversations about the state of anxiety in your school and classrooms and how you can better coach your students through fear and distress.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you buy this training, you receive one hour of content led by expert clinician Kimberly Morrow, LCSW. This class includes the training for teachers and staff only. You also receive PowerPoint slides, worksheets, and handouts to help your faculty and staff immediately implement what they learn.

Once you purchase this class, you can download it so that you can share it with your school in the format and timeframe that works for you.

You have one year of access so your personnel can return to the curriculum as needed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our courses are 100% guaranteed to grow your confidence and effectiveness as a clinician. We are confident our trainings will deliver beyond their promises and help you create meaningful change in your clients’ lives. But, if you aren’t satisfied with the results after completing the content, let us know.

We will refund your money. No questions asked.

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