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Private-Label Foundational CBT Training For Your Mental Health Providers

Provide online training for your Community Mental Health Centers, Anxiety Treatment Centers, School Counselors, Teachers, Parents and School Districts. 

Our CBT for Anxiety and OCD program is grounded in research and designed to be effective in treating a wide range of anxiety disorders and OCD. The best part is, you can now offer this evidence-based training under your own branding! 

Imagine having your organization's logo proudly displayed on the registration page and dashboard, providing a seamless and branded experience for your students.

By partnering with Anxiety Training, you will not only provide quality training to your mental health providers, but you'll also showcase your organization's commitment to mental health.

Mental Health Centers & Clinics

Provide high-quality, consistent, evidence-based treatment across your clinic.

School Districts, Faculty & Parents

Train your school community to coach students through fear toward success.

Trusted by:

National Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center
By offering private-label foundational CBT training through Anxiety Training, you'll not only invest in your students' well-being but also equip your organization with the tools needed to foster a culture of mental health support and growth.