Join us in this insightful exploration, where we delve into practical strategies, expert insights, and compassionate approaches to help both therapists and clients navigate resistance and anxiety on the path to healing. Want to learn more about Anxiety Training? Learn more about our foundation training here.

Video Takeaways & Timestamps

  • Resistance in therapy for anxiety. 0:09
    • Kimberly Morrow discusses resistance in therapy sessions, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and commitment.
  • Anxiety and avoidance strategies. 1:10
    • Speaker resisted feeling anxiety by avoiding leaving the house, but still experienced it.
  • Anxiety and resistance in therapy. 2:16
    • Client experiences feeling “locked down” during therapy session, relating to anxiety.
  • Using props to help clients overcome anxiety. 3:47
    • Kimberly Morrow and Speaker 2 discuss using finger cuffs to help clients overcome anxiety and depression by feeling and doing the opposite of resistance.