Time for a work-cation?

Elizabeth Spencer


It’s summer, 2021, and after a year that has not looked like any other, this summer may not look like any other, either.  If you, like me, have been working with your clients remotely, have you considered taking a ‘work-cation?’

A recent article in the Washington Post by Heather Kelly caught my eyeTitled Before offices reopen, many work from vacation, it gives examples of people who have been working remotely in all types of jobs.  Many remote workers now see the lifting of domestic travel restrictions as an opportunity to live and work in a different location for an extended time.  Count me in!

Ready for a ‘Vacci-cation?”

Later this month I’m planning to spend several weeks living in Maine with one of my sons while I continue to see my clients.  This is going to be new for me.  A work-cation may be a new idea for you, as well.  Always before this, it was clear when I was on vacation – I was away from the office.  But now that my “office” is on my computer screen, I want to give working in a different location a try and see how it feels.

I anticipate some bumps.  Remember the blog Anxiety Post-pandemic?  I wrote about how activities we once did regularly feel strange and can trigger anxiety as we re-engage in them after lockdown.  Well, working remotely has become my new normal, for sure, but how will it feel when I’m in a different space?  I’m ready for the adventure, even if it comes with some uncomfortable moments.   I see this as an opportunity to continue offering care to my clients while meeting more of my own needs this summer and in the future.

Take time to enjoy the season

I’m looking forward to walking in the woods in the early mornings and swimming in the lake before dinner. I hope that working or taking time off, you look for ways to find some summer fun for yourself as well.

Before offices reopen, many work from vacation







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