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Anxiety Training provides training with CE’s for individual clinicians as well as therapists at Community Mental Health Centers and Anxiety Treatment Centers. We also provide online training for School Districts that want to help their teachers, mental health staff, parents, and students learn to live well with anxiety.     

CBT for Anxiety & OCD Online Training: Anytime, Anywhere ​

Small Group Consultation with the CBT for Anxiety & OCD Online Training Course

Next course starting January 2022

Anxiety Training can take you to the next level in your practice with Small Group Consultation.   This personalized service provides you with direct access to Kimberly and Elizabeth.  You will be able to ask your questions to use your new knowledge with your clients.   This is a limited offer.  Small group consultation is available only one time each year.

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CBT for Anxiety & OCD: Everything You Need to Know

Create life-changing results for your clients. Help them break the debilitating cycle of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors that hold them back.

Become a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist expert in Exposure and Response Prevention. Gain the knowledge and skillset to be a confident, successful clinician who changes lives. 

CBT for Anxiety & OCD is a 12-hour, intensive online course that trains therapists in evidence-based practices that deliver life-changing results using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with Exposure-Response Prevention (ERP).

  • Learn from interviews with expert clinicians, role-played demonstrations of treatment strategies, and testimonials from clients whose lives were changed by CBT with ERP.
  • Immediately apply your knowledge and skills to create instant, life-changing results.
  • This course satisfies the education requirements to become a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP).

Earn CEs through NBCC, ASWB, & the NYSED Board for Social Work

ACEP Logo, Approved Provider NBCC

Anxiety Training has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7108. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Anxiety Training is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Anxiety Training, #1637, is approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Anxiety Training maintains responsibility for the program. ASWB Approval Period: 10/17/2019 – 10/17/2022. Social workers should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval for continuing education credits. 

Anxiety Training is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0640.


Thank you so much!! The class is incredibly helpful!!! First client I was working with after the training went from multiple "terror"incidences to zero in one week... Wow!!
Christy Cunningham,

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Are you already a CBT clinician but need support with specific topics?
You can purchase individual classes.

Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Do you know what diagnoses need to be treated with cognitive therapy and which don’t? Clear up the confusion and come away with simple, powerful tools to help your client write a motivational letter and identify cognitive distortions.

Exposure and Response Treatment

Exposure & Response Prevention

ERP is the magic of CBT, and yet many clinicians who say they provide CBT are reluctant to do ERP with their clients.  This session takes the mystery away and makes ERP logical, accessible, and even fun.  Have your doubts that providing ERP is being kind to our clients?  This session will make you a believer. 

Webinar – Recorded – Available self-paced, to view at your convenience

The Role of Medicine

How do you decide if a client would benefit from getting a consultation to possibly start medicine?  Join three psychiatrists to learn about the treatment of adults with medicine; the treatment of children with medicine; and how to work with clients with a history of substance abuse disorder and anxiety. 

Kids & OCD

Working with kids means having a chance to reclaim childhood from the anxiety or OCD monster. And it can be fun, as well as very, very rewarding! Use our handouts “Fun ways to play with ERP” and “Tips for Teachers” to jumpstart your success.

Panic Disorders

Don’t Panic!  We will teach you how to help your clients by inducing panic symptoms to treat the symptoms of panic disorder in this powerful, paradoxical treatment. 

Social Anxiety Online Class for Clinicians and Mental Health Professionals

Social Anxiety

Did you know that social anxiety is the most common anxiety disorder, affecting up to 13% of people in the U.S. at some time?  Social Anxiety is treatable using specific applications of CBT. You will learn how to help clients into embarrassing situations and teach them how to talk back to their brain. In this session we include specific exposure ideas for you to use with your clients with social anxiety. 


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GAD can confound the most experienced therapist. It’s easy to fall into the trap of reassuring your anxious client after listening to their never-ending list of worries. Break this unsuccessful therapy cycle and help your clients free themselves of the burdens of worries with this illuminating webinar.

Advanced Education for You to Support Your Clients

Third Wave CBT: Helping Your Clients Tolerate the Tough Stuff

Is client distress preventing successful, effective implementation of exposure and response prevention (ERP)?  Use third wave CBT therapy to improve distress tolerance and improve your clients’ willingness to participate in ERP.

Third wave CBT is an integrative approach that combines the proven, evidence-based practices of cognitive-behavioral therapy with a wide range of concepts, including mindfulness tools, inhibitory learning theory, distress tolerance training, acceptance-based procedures, values analysis, and health and wellness practices.


Managing Treatment Resistance and Family Accommodation in CBT

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) can be difficult for even the most motivated clients. But, when a client refuses or family members continue to accommodate their worry and fear, it can feel impossible to make progress.

Learn to identify the reasons for and the ways through treatment resistance.

What is Inhibitory Learning and how do you Apply it to Anxiety and OCD?

Inhibitory Learning Theory offers clinicians a potent new addition to traditional treatment that optimizes ERP to reduce or extinguish long-held, obsessional fear. 

After this one-hour class, immediately apply this ground-breaking learning theory to your toughest cases—and in an array of settings and diagnoses.   

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Who We Work With

School Districts

Services for School Districts, Counselors, Students and Parents.

Community Mental Health Centers

Services supporting therapists from community mental health centers through convenient, structured trainings.

Anxiety Treatment Centers

Have the peace of mind knowing your staff have all had the same evidenced based training for anxiety and OCD

Individual Clinicians

Convenient and affordable learning that includes CE's! These trainings are engaging, enlightening, and entertaining.

Supporting Community Mental
Health Clinics

Anxiety disorders have increased to an all time high in the United States. Most mental health clinics are overwhelmed by the increased numbers of people seeking help from these debilitating, yet treatable disorders. However, many therapists have had little or insufficient training in this treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Exposure and Response Prevention. Join us in this integral training that will provide essential   skills to help the thousands of people suffering with anxiety and OCD.            

Community Mental Health Centers

Anxiety Training courses will help you provide your therapists with:

  • A structured training with pre- and post-test evaluations to measure improvement
  • Training available on demand to fit into any schedule without having to go offsite
  • Access to cutting edge treatment techniques demonstrated with role plays, interviews with experts in the field, and interviews with actual clients suffering with anxiety and OCD. 

This 12-hour online training course has met the needs of many community mental health centers like yours.   Your therapists will also learn how to treat anxiety and OCD effectively, through our convenient and low-cost online program.  Our trainings consistently receive high evaluations with participants stating that they are engaged in the learning and excited to use their new skills with their clients. 

This 12-hour course is available for $299, including 12 CE’s for social workers through ACE. It also includes many tools you can implement immediately with your clients. Significant discounts are available for groups of four or more clinicians. Contact us for rates. 

For more comprehensive and personalized attention, small group consultation is available to help therapists apply the nuances of these skills. This and other services to help improve the delivery of quality services, please contact us to discuss tailoring a program to your specific needs and budget.

Act now to get your therapists on board with evidenced based training for anxiety and OCD by clicking here or by emailing us at

For Community Mental Health Centers and Group Trainings

Provide the tools to support your staff

Anxiety Treatment Centers

On-boarding Therapists

Anxiety Treatment Center On-boarding

We have heard over and over that anxiety treatment centers have a hard time finding great therapists knowledgeable about evidenced-based treatment for anxiety and OCD. After years of work, Elizabeth DuPont Spencer and Kimberly Morrow have developed an affordable, effective on-line course to be sure clinicians know how to deliver good CBT for anxiety and OCD.  We are now providing training to all new hires at several anxiety treatment centers, and all of the directors are really pleased with the results.  Here is what Debra Kissen, Ph.D., CEO/ Chief Exposure Officer has to say about our course:

At Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center in Chicago, we have chosen Anxiety Training’s CBT for Anxiety and OCD, a 12-session on-line training, to onboard our new therapists. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Not only does this training save my center money and time, but our therapists have been really happy with the training as well. The improvement in my clinician’s scores between their pre-and post-test results shows that CBT for Anxiety and OCD provides the essential information necessary for them to quickly and confidently get started treating clients with these disorders using evidence-based treatments.

Debra has had success hiring master’s level clinicians who already have great people and empathy skills, and then has had them take our training so that they are able to jump right into providing ERP at her three busy treatment centers. 

Our 12-session, 12 CE, online training course includes pre- and post-tests so clinic directors and clinicians themselves can immediately see that they have learned important information from taking the course. 

See how Anxiety Training can support your staff.

CBT for Anxiety & OCD Online Training: Anytime, Anywhere

Online courses & training

Individual Clinician Resources

We love teaching clinicians the skills we use every day in our practices. Our courses receive rave reviews for being comprehensive, easy to understand, and entertaining. Learn evidenced-based treatment for anxiety and OCD from the comfort of your home or office while you save on travel costs and time away from work. Purchase any of our online video training courses and begin today!  Enjoy the convenience and ease of getting additional Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Training Testimonials