Foundational & Advanced

CBT Training for Anxiety & OCD

For Mental Health Providers, Community Mental Health Centers, Anxiety Treatment Centers, and School Districts

Training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Discover how our services can help you create life-changing results for your clients, organization, or school community. 

Anxiety Training offers foundational and advanced CBT training for the treatment of anxiety and OCD. As a therapist and clinician owned business, we work to provide high-quality, convenient access to CEs. Anxiety Training’s on-demand and live trainings support mental health practitioners, community health centers, anxiety treatment centers, and school districts.

Organizations nationwide trust Anxiety Training to provide exceptional, uniform training for their staff and new clinicians.

Individual Clinicians, Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists

Become an expert in anxiety and OCD treatment with self-paced or cohort learning options.

Online training CBT for Anxiety and OCD course

Anxiety Treatment Centers

On-boarding, training, and mentoring for newly hired master’s level clinicians. Deliver first-rate, evidence-based treatment.

Community Mental Health Centers

Support your therapists and social workers with convenient, structured trainings. Deliver excellence in anxiety and OCD treatment.

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School Districts

Empower your school community with the tools of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. Improve student performance and attendance.