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We start by branding the training with your name and logo. Then, you’ll enroll new and experienced staff using your training portal. Have us lead small group case consultations. Monitor growth with weekly, emailed progress updates, including pre and post test results. Watch your staff grow into confident, effective clinicians who deliver exceptional, evidence-based treatment for anxiety and OCD. 

Customized CBT Training for Anxiety Treatment Centers

Hire great people. Let us Train them to be exceptional clinicians.

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CBT for Anxiety & OCD Training for Organizations

Anxiety Trainings’ Courses for Organizations offers excellence in CBT training for the treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD to organizations nationwide. Our customized training solutions provide high-quality, uniform training across staffing to ensure consistent care that delivers results.  

Offer the foundation course, CBT for Anxiety & OCD: Everything You Need to Know branded with your organization’s name and log. Your staff will learn to deliver exceptional, evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. 

This on-demand training happens at the convenience of your clinicians and your organization’s schedule. Accelerate their integration. Add small group consultation to their training. Each session is led by anxiety experts Kimberly or Elizabeth. 

This 12-session, 12-CE, online training includes pre and post tests results delivered directly to the clinic director’s inbox so they can monitor clinician’s progress with ease.  

Unified Training for Anxiety Treatment Centers. Nationwide

Get customized, white-labeled training solutions for uniform treatment. 

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Our cohort training has already met the needs of many anxiety treatment centers like yours.  Your therapists will learn how to treat anxiety and OCD effectively, through our convenient and low-cost online programs.  

Students consistently give the training five stars and report that it is convenient, engaging, effective and immediately useful. 

CBT for Anxiety & OCD: Everything You Need to Know is available for $299, per clinician and includes 12 continuing education credits through ASWB, NBCC, and  the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work.

Custom, white-labeled training solutions and bulk pricing is available upon request. Add small group case consultation to accelerate learning and application.

Your Customized Training Will Provide Clinicians With:

For Anxiety Treatment Centers and Cohort Training

Small Group Case Consultation

For more comprehensive and personalized attention, small group consultation is available to help therapists apply the nuances of CBT with ERP. For this and other support to improve the delivery of quality services, please complete the contact form below. 

We can’t wait to tailor training to meet your specific training needs and budget.  

Get your therapists on board with evidenced-based training to treat anxiety & OCD

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Let us train your staff to deliver exceptional treatment for Anxiety and OCD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety Training offers quality, convenient, uniform training for organizations. But more than anything, we offer ease and piece of mind. 

Our on-demand trainings make onboarding or retraining staff easy. Weekly progress updates are delivered to the clinic director’s inbox. 

Small group case consultation help accelerate learning so your clinicians can start delivering evidenced-based treatment immediately. 

Yes. Please contact us for pricing options.  

Yes. Small Group Case Consultation can be added to support your learning cohorts or new staff-on-boarding. 

Our on-demand and small group case consultations focus on practical applications of Cognitive-Behavioral Theory. So, your therapist can immediately get to work treating applying evidence-based treatments for anxiety  disorders and OCD.  

Our trainings marry theory with tools that work. 

Small Group Case Consultation with anxiety experts Kimberly & Elizabeth provide individualized, action-based advice to help your clinicians grow. 

Once you purchase this training for your staff,  credentials will be created and sent directly to your participating staff.  They can complete the training according to your supervision schedule. 

Schedule monthly small group case consultations to accommodate your organization’s schedule. 

Cofounders, Kimberly & Elizabeth are anxiety treatment specialists with over 50 years of combined experience. We are therapists turned trainers with a passion for helping people live well with anxiety disorders. We are nationally respected speakers and author experts.

For 10 years, we have been training school systems in evidence-based anxiety coaching for children and students. 

Read more about Anxiety Training and our company founders, Kimberly Morrow, LCSW and Elizabeth Dupond Spencer, LCSW-C.   


Once clinicians understand how the anxious brain works and have the tools to help clients change it, they can implement these skills quickly. 

Anxiety Training focuses first on the practical tools and applications of CBT and ERP. Then, it marries it to the theory and neuroscience of the anxious brain. 

Each lesson includes interviews with leading anxiety training experts and real-life stories from clients who lives were changed by cognitive-behavior therapy.

The trainings also  come complete with printable slides, worksheets, handouts, useful resources. 

After starting the training, your staff will have access to the training for one year. 

Yes. We offer CEs through ASWB, the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work, and NBCC.

For more information about CEs, see their continuing education statements on each course or class. 

See How Anxiety Training Can Ease Your Onboarding and Training Processes.